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Adult Filter 1.0

An internet activity filter with no password protection. Almost useless
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Besides of being an almost inexhaustible source of useful information, the Internet is also full of sites that can be dangerous to children, such as hate or violent sites, pornography webs and online casinos. Thus, an Internet traffic filter can be very useful at home to protect children from visiting those sites. This is a free program that filters Internet content and online activity. You can set three different parameters to filter the Internet activity of your children. First, you can create a White domain list, in which you can include those sites that are harmless to your children. Also, you can create a Black domain list to include sites that contain information that you consider improper. The Web browser will crash if any person using the computer wants to open those blocked sites. Lastly, you can create a Black word list, in which you can include all those words related to potentially dangerous sites, such as "porno", "white supremacy", and more. The program has small lists in each category, but they need to be completed.
Despite all its advantages, the program has a very important drawback: it can't be password-protected, so anyone can disable the filter just by clicking on the Control menu and choosing the Stop feature. It is a shame that developers had overlooked this important function.

Victor Hernandez
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  • It is not password-protected; can be turned off easily by anyone
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